How To Get The Best Wedding Prep Photos

January 24, 2021

Take a moment to think about some of the most beautiful wedding photos you’ve ever seen. We’re talking about the ones that make your stomach flip a tiny bit with a single glance.

We’re willing to make a bet that you didn’t immediately think of shots taken at the altar. Not to say that altar images, as the couple recite their vows to each other, can’t serve up emotion. That goes without saying.

However, at True North Images, we believe that some of the purest and most arresting photos are made in the moments alongside the ceremony.

The laughter of trying to do makeup between tears of excitement and joy.

The affection you feel between a father and son as they check each other’s neckties.

The reverence when a mother hands her daughter ‘something blue’ to treasure as she embarks on this next stage of her life.

It’s these seemingly small moments that end up making up the memory of the entire day.

Is there an art to capturing them? Definitely.

We like to approach our wedding prep photos in a natural, unstructured way to ensure every shot feels true to you.

However, here are a few tips to ensure you get the best wedding prep photos you’ve ever seen.

Tidy Up

Sounds simple enough but in the rush of pre-wedding planning, often de-cluttering can fall by the wayside of more important things such as family time (as it should!).

But we recommend taking a few minutes in the morning to streamline the kitchen or living room (anywhere we think people will be communing).

Not because we mind a well-lived-in home; instead it will ensure the focus in each image is always on your and your family and not on what you had for brunch (unless you’d like that to be a feature).

Find The Light

Natural light is wedding photography’s lifelong partner. Pair them up, and you have a match made in portrait heaven.

While a moodily lit room can make its own kind of statement, more often than not, we find that capturing joy is usually best achieved with the assistance of the bright rays of the sun.

Even if it’s not a sunny day (or raining, which many say is a lucky wedding omen), position your prep-party near a window or as much natural light as possible.

TIP: Most makeup artists will ask for the bride to sit near the window, so it can help to handle all the wedding prep in that same, or near to, that space.

Hire An AirBnB For The Day

Don’t have a lot of natural light at home? Or don’t feel like you’ll have enough room for all the bridesmaids or groomsmen? Don’t worry.

This is where Airbnb comes in handy.

Booking a rental property can help minimize all the above issues and the time needed to tidy. All you need to do is turn up and focus on family and friends.

Turn Off All Electronic Screens

While checking the odd text from well-wishers is one of the joys of your wedding day, having the TV on in the background? Not so much.

If it’s the World Series this rule may have to be broken; however, that’s what post-game highlights are for.

What we’re saying is, when it comes to photography, we recommend switching off screens as they can impact the light of the portrait (as well as be a distraction).

These are just a few ways to make your wedding prep perfect. If you’d like to know more about how we can help capture your special day email us at