Why Streaming Your Wedding Could Make Your Special Day Even More Beautiful

January 22, 2021

A wedding is a beautiful time of celebration, and a time to honour connection and unconditional love between friends and family.

However, it can also be a time for bending to compromise—which isn’t entirely a bad thing.

Whether held during a period of COVID restrictions or not, inevitably every couple has to have a conversation about which of their closest friends feel close enough to invite to their special day.

However, one of the most surprising blessings to spring forth from all the confusion of 2020 is the increased normalcy around wedding streaming.

Turning the most important day of life into a digital experience might’ve seemed like something far-fetched five years ago, but today? It’s proving to be a valuable asset in a couple’s wedding planning toolbag.

At True North Images, we love streaming and for more reasons than just helping to share people’s beautiful moments with loved ones.

Here’s why…

It minimises guest list arguments.

Each wedding is unique, but if there’s a singular conversation that every couple has to face during the planning process—it’s the guest list.

The debate on who to and who not to invite is as timeless a tradition as a floral bouquet (but rarely as beautiful), but it can be awkward analysing who of your friends and family you feel closest to.

And here’s where streaming helps—dare we say—streamline the process.

When you share your special ceremony online, everybody you want can be your guest (and nobody you don’t want).

Whether their long-distance loved-ones or co-workers who don’t quite make the cut, streaming helps you navigate tough invite conversations. 

In fact, when you stream your wedding you’re not just saying  ‘you mean something to me’ and ensuring your loved-ones feel important—you’re also giving yourself a gift by still retaining a feeling of intimacy at the venue.

You have an in-built videographer.

If you speak to any couples after their wedding, the one thing they universally say about their big day is that it can feel like it all happens in the blink of an eye.

“One minute you’re getting dressed, the next you’re at the altar, and before you know it you’re waving goodbye after your reception.”

 It doesn’t mean they didn’t enjoy themselves, it just means that they might’ve enjoyed themselves too much due to overexcitement.

This is where live streaming your wedding can have longlasting benefits beyond the day itself.

At True North Images, every one of our live streams is recorded. Meaning, your guests get the view of the event at the moment, and you receive a memory to treasure and enjoy forever.

There are so many benefits to streaming your wedding and if you’re curious about how this technology comes-to-life, get in touch with us at https://truenorthimages.com.au/sayhello/